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  • *Fyeahcodes

    Hello, i'm Alie. This is FyeahCodes, a theme, coding, and RPH blog
    My mascot is TMills

    This blog has theme recs, codes guides, masterlists, fc help, reviews, promos, and all that's inbetween

    I take graphics requests
    I take theme requests
    365 Days of Themes, Day 18
    Young and Beautiful Theme
    2/7 Image Centered Theme

    Do not remove credit,

    Find more themes at fyeahcodes.com

    Live Preview - Code

    You are not to redistribute this theme, use it as a base code, claim as your own theme, remove credit, or sell.

    To do so would vilate the Creative Commons license.

    This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

    This is an image heavy theme, good for fan blogs, RPG Character Blogs, and any blog that wants to show alot of imagery.
    It includes a total of 3 sidebar pictures. Two are landscape orientation, and the other is a portrait size, that shows the links when you hover over it.
    I used another retro photo effect, kinda instagram like on this theme. It is a little different then my Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Theme’s photo effect. This one has hints of pale pink and pale blue over the photo, giving a dreamy look.
    What’s good about this is not matter what photo you reblog, they all go together in your theme, giving a pretty look of unity.
    Disappearing when you hover. This can be set on and off.

    Theme includes-

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